About Us

The making of a community-based organization.

Now a fully independent company, Food For Health was made possible through a transformational evolution of The Dohmen Company Foundation to create a non-profit social enterprise to realize a vision of creating equitable access to healthy and happy lives through the power of food.

Why? Because people with the fewest resources end up suffering disproportionately. Eating delicious, lovingly prepared whole food shouldn't be something available only to people living in the right zip codes. It should be accessible to all of us.

It's time for us to normalize food as medicine with insurers, providers, funders, policy makers, and most of all, with every member of our community.

We stand for HEALTH and the basic right to HEALTH.

We believe in the strength of PARTNERSHIP as a community-based organization.

We believe in partnering with the community to positively IMPACT health and advance health equity.

We work closely with providers, payers, foundations, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations to implement collaborative programs that address these issues because we believe that we are stronger as a COLLECTIVE.

Our Values

We're grounded in our values. They define how we work, how we live, and how we activate. We stand for health.



We act with empathy & respect for others



We deliver high quality results that optimize impact



We take ownership personally and as a team



We are energetic & act with urgency



We do what's right



We build value internally & externally

Our journey to a community based social enterprise began over 165 years ago.



Our origin is rooted in 160+ years of experience in healthcare as Dohmen, culminated in the bold transition from healthcare to health in 2018 when Dohmen transformed from traditional healthcare by exiting the pharmaceutical industry and in 2019 becoming the first organization to convert to a Philanthropic Enterprise with a single shareholder as The Dohmen Company Foundation.


Launch & Prove

The Food For Health program was created based on years of experience, the build of a best-in-class platform and reams of clinically proven evidence. The design focused on reversing, managing and preventing chronic disease through a multi-dimensional medically tailored meal program. In spring of 2020 the program launched as a response to the pandemic in partnership with Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative delivering outcomes of improved health and quality of life proving food is medicine.



To support our long-term vision and to co-locate within community we moved to 2007 N MLK drive, with the new headquarters serving as a long-term hub for program operations and community engagement. In June, we graduated the Food Is Medicine Coalition (FIMC) accelerator program, becoming the first and only medically tailored meal provider located in Wisconsin, sourcing from Wisconsin, serving Wisconsin. Food For Health is established as a standalone 501c3 community based organization by The Dohmen Company Foundation. As 2022 continues Food For Health will expand Food For Health programming in partnership with providers, health networks, payors and in the community made possible through philanthropic partners to continue creating equitable access to healthy and happy lives specifically for disadvantaged populations living with one or more diet-related disease.

We are a member of the Food Is Medicine Coalition (FIMC)

FIMC is a national coalition of nonprofit Medically Tailored Meal (MTM) and nutrition service providers that are on the frontlines in addressing acute diet-related chronic illness through food as medicine. We are the only certified FIMC MTM provider in Wisconsin, which adheres to the rigorous standards set by FIMC.

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