Our Vision

Creating equitable access to healthy and happy lives through the power of food.

The Problem

Wisconsinites are sick.

Diet-related disease is killing us, costing us, and is exasperated in our disadvantage communities. Our solution is the most efficacious medical intervention - wholistic Medically Tailored Meals. The very thing that is harming us, can help us. We're working to provide access to nutritious food and wellness for an optimal life, because it's a human right.

The Facts

The Facts

We Are Sick

Preventable disease causes 35% of all deaths in WI annually and is the leading cause of death.

More than 16,000 of our WI friends, family members and colleagues die from CVD (heart disease & stroke) every year.

Source: Milwaukee Health Department

65% diabetes

The Facts

It’s Costing Us

65% of WI residents have diabetes, pre-diabetes or are yet to be diagnosed.

$1.15B is spent annually on Medicaid alone on diet-related disease

Source: CDC Chronic Disease Calculator, 2010

Risk of Reduced Access to Healthy Food by Zip Code
SES zip code
Low Income
Zip code

The Facts

Lack of access is exasperated in our marginalized communities

In Milwaukee, people in low-income zip codes are at 9x greater risk of reduced access to nutritious food.

Source: Milwaukee Health Department

How We Solve the Problem

Through our first-of-its-kind, and only Wisconsin medically tailored meal program, that provides delicious medically tailored meals, health coaching, and nutrition education to economically disadvantaged individuals living with one or more diet-related disease.