Our Impact

We have a goal to positively impact the health of 50,000 lives in 5 years

As the first and only Medically Tailored Meal (MTM) provider in Wisconsin, our Be3Healthy program has proven to reverse the negative health impacts of diet-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and obesity.

B3Healthy delivers amazing results & impact

198+ lbs of total weight lost
30+ participants lost weight
6.4 average lbs lost
2.6% average body weight lost
1.0 average BMI reduction
35% lowered their blood pressure
5.7 average glucose reduction
98% satisfaction rate

Be3Healthy Impact

Creating equitable access to life-changing food-is-medicine

Program participants achieved notable improvements in their health indicators, including reduction in weight, blood glucose, HbA1c, blood pressure, and other positive health outcomes. Importantly, participants were also overwhelmingly positive about their experience—a critical metric for long-term adherence and actual real-world change.

For medical costs, the scale of savings is worth noting. In the six months prior to program kickoff, the pilot population incurred $312,862 of medically allowed expenses (i.e. billed to their health insurance). In the six months after program start, this number reduced dramatically to $178,927 for a total reduction of 43%.

Phase 2 Pilot participants gained the knowledge and skills to help them adjust how they eat, move, and rest to feel their best and take charge of their health in measurable and achievable ways.

50% decrease in diabetic-
related ER visits
43% reduction in
medical costs

Better Health outcomes & Lower cost of care:
home delivered, medically-tailored meal programming for as little as $15/day

Emergency room visit for heart & diabetic issues in Milwaukee


Typical hospital stay in Milwaukee

$4,000+/day   $25,000+/stay

Emergency room as a safety net in Milwaukee

$550 million/year

CGHC is an intensively focused member-centric organization, and after meeting with the Food For Health team I knew that a partnership between our two companies would align nicely with our mission. It’s been incredible working with such a like-minded organization with the mutual focus of helping people live better lives. I’m proud of what our teams have accomplished so far, and I look forward to futher advancing this work and impacting more people along the way.

Cathy Mahaffey

President & CEO
Common Ground
Healthcare Cooperative

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative

Food For Health Success Stories

Anthony’s Story

Anthony began the Food For Health program at 227 pounds, with hypertensive blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. After 23 weeks in the program, he achieved significant reductions in his blood sugar, transitioned to a healthy range of blood pressure, and reduced his weight by 20%. Based on his experience with the program, he sends his compliments to the chef.

"I want to enjoy life, and I believe with this program, and a little push, I can do all these things that I want to do and keep doing." -Anthony (Food For Health Participant)

Anthony: Oh, just open this door. Come in.

Sara: Hey, Anthony. How are you?

Anthony: Oh, hi. It's cold, so come on in.

Sara: Yeah. How's it going? Oh, it smells good!

Anthony: Thank you. Well, it's a little bit warmer in here, I hope.

Anthony: My name is Anthony Romano. I'm 64 and a half years old. I've been in this program for, I believe now 10 weeks.

Sara: When we initially met, his blood pressure was in the hypertensive range. He gets his exercise and all was good about reporting his weight and blood pressure each week.

Sara: And you were saying yesterday, you liked the one, was it the one with the onions?

Anthony: Yes.

Sara: Okay.

Anthony: It was like a square type-

Sara: Yes.

Anthony: And it was really good.

Sara: And it had the little Mandarin orange.

Anthony: Yes. [inaudible].

Sara: Delicious.

Anthony: And the red pepper on top, which was tasteful. Every single one of these meals, I've enjoyed. Give the chef compliments because, such a variety is really good. If he would open up a restaurant, I would go to that restaurant.

Sara: I've worked with Anthony now about 10 weeks. He's done some amazing things. It's really been exciting to see it go in the right direction.

Sara: Roll that sleeve up. Be flat on the floor. All right, happy thoughts.

Sara: Some great numbers, Anthony, keep it up.

Anthony: I want to enjoy life, and I believe this program and with the little push, I can do all these things that I want to do and keep on doing.

Anthony: If someone cares enough for me, I'm going to do the same thing back.

Tracy inspires each of us to push ourselves past our comfort zones and be open to growth. Food For Health has helped her do both.
Tiffany knew she wanted a change but had reached an impasse of what she could do on her own. Working with Food For Health has pushed her further than she thought she could go.

Why we’re different

In & for Community

  • Located in Wisconsin, serving Wisconsin
  • Community programming at our HQ
  • Participant centered coordination across the local ecosystem

Medically Tailored

  • First and only MTM provider based in Wisconsin
  • Graduate of Food Is Medicine Coalition (FIMC) accelerator program
  • Fresh, local, nutrient dense ingredients

Sustainable Change

  • Programs designed to sustainably improve health and reduce cost
  • Creating a positive ripple effect around the participants we serve
  • Range of options to meet partners where they are